At Cocco Pazzo, we believe in protecting and restoring our world's oceans. Unfortunately, trillions of plastic trash pieces and irresponsible overfishing seriously endanger them. This is a huge risk to our eco systems, sea life and the overall health of our economy. We are committed to doing our part in ocean conservancy by donating a portion of profits, from every sale to both Oceana and The Ocean Cleanup.


Founded in 2001, Oceana continues to grow with more than a decade in funding successful conservation projects around the world that have a direct, positive impact in protecting life throughout our world's oceans. They are dedicated to seeking out and supporting the best projects of innovative leaders, researchers, and educators for the better health of our oceans, sea life, and mankind. Oceana also specializes in education and protection of fish from over fishing, with multiple global research centers they hope to continue to learn and share their knowledge.

The Ocean Clean Up

Collecting and removing all the trash that currently litters our oceans with the current practice of nets and vessels, would continue to take billions of dollars and tens of thousands of years. The Ocean Cleanup's mission to preserve our eco system has resulted in developing advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic trash by 50% over 5 years, at a fraction of the cost!

Let's help protect our beloved oceans!
Every purchase makes a positive change.


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